Royals & Romance

Klosters enchants its visitors with its combination of stylish charm and a homely chalet atmosphere. The village is set against a stunning mountain backdrop and surrounded by beautiful woods and meadows. Celebrities (including royals) have been staying in this picturesque alpine village for decades. In particular, the British heir to the throne Prince Charles has graced it with his presence ever since 1978.

Even in the 1950s, members of American high society from the worlds of film, music, theatre and literature were frequent visitors to Klosters. All-time greats like Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, Greta Garbo and others enjoyed the style and classiness of this village, an escape from urban civilisation. Over time, Klosters even came to be called "Hollywood on the Rocks". Now, as in those days, well-known people still come to enjoy relaxing in this alpine village, attracted by the discreet air of luxury without ostentatious pomp and glitter. The expensive cars remain in the garage and parties are held in private chalets. Despite its prominent visitors, the resort has retained its original, unspoilt character and has remained largely free of the paparazzi.

Prince Charles’ 40-year holiday love affair

He is probably Klosters' most famous visitor: the British heir to the throne Prince Charles made the ski resort his own four decades ago. His Royal Highness has been here nearly every year since to explore the beautiful mountains on his skis, whether with Lady Di at his side in the 1980s or accompanied by his sons William and Harry or just by himself. In March this year, Klosters celebrated 40 years of visits by its royal guest, in his presence. An informal public reception was organised for him and a gondola on the Gotschnabahn cable car was inscribed in his honour.

By horse-drawn carriage through the mountain scenery

There is another very different but equally attractive side to this chic resort: romance. For example, how about a tête-à-tête in a horse-drawn carriage? You lean back and relax, enjoy being snug and secluded together and immerse yourselves in the stillness of nature...

This enjoyable experience can be arranged for you by Marianne and Christian Flütsch: every day the couple hitch up their horses and treat their guests to a memorable ride through the beautiful Klosters scenery in a horse-drawn carriage or sledge. Marianne Flütsch absolutely loves her job: "When Old Man Winter clothes everywhere in a cloak of white and the snow crystals glisten, it's like driving our carriage through an enchanted forest.

And it's just as idyllic here in the warmer months: then the whole area is full of wonderful flowers or glorious autumn colours and the mountains all around are fresh and uplifting. That's when we like to go out quite some way along the river, accompanied by the gentle babbling of the water. A carriage or sledge ride is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in nature and indulge in the wonder of being."

And, by the way, the couple have quite often heard lovers saying "I will" as they drive along. After all, what could be better than to propose to your beloved during a romantic carriage ride?