Off the leash

for a 4-star dog's life

Our four-legged hotel guest Einstein von Vierbein charms everyone because he is not only affectionate and playful but also very smart. Here, he generously gives us an insight into his most intimate thoughts during his 4-star visit to our hotel.

We have to conclude that “a dog’s life” now seems to be very different from how it used to be defined in the dictionary.

You can’t be serious?! You don’t really expect me to be satisfied with just one of these tasty welcome treats?! After I was so good on the three-hour journey to get here?! And what am I saying, “good”? One could almost say that I was pawsitively a role model for four-legged SBB passengers.

Oh well, my friends. If it doesn’t occur to you that I might need seconds, then I have no alternative but to go into my tried and tested drama queen routine: I stretch up to my full height, shift my weight on to my front legs and puff out my chest. Then it starts: to begin with, a tiny little woof performed piano, then I transition into crescendo, before reaching Forte-Bello® (my successful trademark for “barking at the top of my voice”). I follow it up with a pause for dramatic effect, backed up by an irresistible stare from my big soulful eyes.

A delicious welcome for four-legged friends.

Come on now, you two-legged twits, just give me another treat at long last. And if you’d be so good, another one for my charming pal Bernstein (my young cousin in 2nd grade, also a “von Vierbein”, who knows how to wind everyone round his little paw with his amber-coloured eyes). My master and mistress, Markus and Manuela, look apologetically at the receptionist. That smart man not only seems to be on the ball professionally, but he also understands my language: with a sympathetic smile, he promptly conjures up two more snacks. I love it when my plan works! Satisfied, I make myself comfy by the Reception desk and wait patiently while we check in.

Every dog’s dream.

As soon as they open the bedroom door, Markus and Manuela are virtually rooted to the spot, they’re so stunned by the wonderful view from the balcony. I, on the other hand, am far more interested in the snuggly dog blanket and my food and drink bowl. In fact, I would never have dared to dream that a dog like me could ever be made so welcome and be so well looked after at a 4-star hotel. If I was one of the two-legged species, I would probably have tears in my eyes now, I’m so moved. And the best thing is that, this evening, Bernstein and I are even allowed into the "Dorfstube" restaurant at the Sunstar Hotel Klosters! Of course, I have to promise that under no circumstances will I repeat my Forte-Bello® performance from earlier on. But I certainly don’t. Instead, I sit up and beg and impress the other guests with my good behaviour (is there perhaps another treat in it for me?).

Off the leash for a wonderful dog’s life.

Oh what fun, there are so many places round here where I can be let off the leash! I leap around madly for sheer joy, roll on my back and run to my heart’s content. Tomorrow we’re going to do the Lecky Trail – a dog-friendly footpath that makes a great walk for dogs and humans. My two-legged parents can even go racing down the mountain on a scooter (and of course I can keep up with them quite easily *harrumph*). Oh, yes! – and this winter it looks as if I’ll even be able to join them on the cross-country skiing trail. The things these two-legged creatures think of... Sometimes even I, the four-legged genius, have to smile.

Did you know?

Your four-legged friends are welcome at all Sunstar hotels, but especially in Grindelwald and Klosters. 

There they are given a special welcome treat and there will be a snuggly blanket and a food and drink bowl waiting in the room for them. They don’t have to stay on the leash on the footpaths. In Klosters, there are even special areas of the restaurant for dog owners and their pets.